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Supreme Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Discharge them without a trial (June 2018)


17 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against whistleblower Dharmananda (lenin) by Nithyananda Cult Members!!!!

14 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against victim Aarthi Rao by Nithyananda & his Cult Members!!!! (All of them after charge sheet against Nithyananda)

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Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram,Trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that fraudulently obtained donations be returned


Renowned Forensic Expert Padma Bhushan Prof. Dr. P. Chandra Sekharan states "video not morphed"

Nithyananda dismissed from Madurai Adheenam (on 19th Oct 2012), Nithyananda is banned from entering Madurai Adheenam mutt

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The cult of preying and feeding on anxieties

The man who passed himself off as Paramahamsa Nithyananda for seven years, promised instant spirituality to hundreds, perhaps even thousands, across India and abroad.
It might be too early to brand Nithyananda as a conman, but what is emerging is that he is a psychopath who exploited people’s credulity and played on the minds of youthful devotees who, before joining his cultic order, might have demonstrated symptoms of psychic distress, anxiety, depression, apathy, disinterest, meaninglessness, isolation, social alienation and confusion. As a normative social system, Nithyananda’s cultic order is an alternative healing mechanism for the existential crises of contemporary youth.

Nithyananda, of course, is no paramahamsa. He is an ordinary man who was intelligent enough to capitalise on his youthful disciples’ loss of faith in the “rationalistic western cosmology and loss of the extended family system,” as sociologist Mansell Pattison has pointed out. But Nithyananda also tapped into the dissatisfaction caused by the impact of the prevailing economic paradigm which has created stress and anxiety, especially among those in the 30-40 age group whose members may have deliberately turned away from traditional psychotherapies toward his religious cult as the ultimate remedy for their anxieties.

These young men and women found in him and his cult — which is a strange and often frightening mix of the Vedic and tantric with an attractive and appealing focus on phallus worship — the path to physical and spiritual healing. What might also have appealed to the devotees was the stress on mental seduction and enslavement or mind control, so much so that they were prepared to abandon family, loved ones and well-wishers.

Some psychologists and sociologists agree that intensive conditioning (or brainwashing) is designed to compromise the devotees’ psychological integrity and indoctrinate them in a world view in which the ends (salvation, bliss and even personal health and wealth) justify the means (deceptive recruitment, fraudulent fund-raising and psycho-sexual practices).

The rest of Nithyananda’s so-called spiritual and healing prowess was built by aggressive and purposeful public relations directed not at the poor from our urban ghettos or despoiled rural backwaters. Rather, these are middle class, affluent, educated, and sophisticated youth. A network of branch heads in some southern Indian cities and those in the United States, mostly non-resident Indians with deep pockets helped Nithyananda catapult to spiritual stardom. It would not be out of place to point out here that the website of one of Nithyananda’s subsidiary organisations in US suggests that more than a spiritual enterprise the Nithyananda mission is commercial enterprise.

Brief interviews with some of Nithyananda’s disciples at his ashram near Bangalore and over telephone, with the primary question “what drew you to his order?,” elicited confused response. Emails from followers in support of Nithyananda were also important sources to understand what attracted the youth to his alternative spiritual system that offered a radical world view in distinction from the common culture, with explicit sanctions in regard to one’s behaviour, with a strong emphasis on separatism from the ‘world at large’ that is reflected in some degree of small group communality ranging from total communal living to frequent communal gatherings.

The standard replies typically comprised two strains of belief: a) he helped heal their physical ailments and psychological distress and b) we experienced truth and enlightenment, two very abstract concepts that souls far greater and intellectual than ‘Nithyananda, our Master’ have not been able to fathom within the context of Indian philosophy.

The likes of Osho Rajneesh, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Satya Sai Baba, Ma Amritanandamayi, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar and sundry other self-proclaimed television-propelled godmen have, in their own distinctive styles, tried to peddle Indian spirituality, with their base and esoteric twists, to a gullible audience within India and abroad.

They have met with varied levels of successes and then faded away as the spiritual ferment, shaped in large part by globalisation and television, spawned other unconventional, secretive and deviant cult movements. They were sought to be given legitimacy and acceptability within society by obtaining the crucial backing of political parties and enlisting the support of the rich and the powerful, an approach that has almost always benefited the organisations in more ways than one.

But such groups have often elicited extreme hostility and distrust and have, moreover, been perceived as fundamentally subversive of civil order and the ideals of Hinduism. To some extent, part of the popular uproar about cult groups such as Nithyananda’s comes from bewildered, frightened and angry parents and other elders who cannot comprehend why the youth, otherwise socialised into the mainstream of society with many seeming advantages, should abandon their cultural and religious heritage to enter such ‘separate reality.’

The Nithyananda cult operated as a surrogate extended family and provided novel, if questionable, therapeutic and spiritual alternatives that confer meaning on individual lives and experiences, even if the devotees were deluded into believing so because of their existential vacuum. In doing so, he and some of his close confidantes exploited the weaknesses of existing institutions like Hinduism, family and modern psychiatry.

This is not to say that cults necessarily threaten the social order. After all, people are at liberty to exercise their preference for one religious movement for another. But what may endanger society is the return to obscurantism, superstition and blind faith that once constituted the bane of India.

 A study of Nithyananda’s cultic order — the reference to an ‘energised banyan tree’ and ‘energised puja items,’ besides a host of weird teaching practices that go toward deification of the occult — indicates that its devotees, drunk on their ‘sadguru,’ their ‘Enlightened Master’ of merely seven years’ experience, should exercise some caution in distinguishing between the truly pious and the charlatan.


  1. Nity is a sex abuser. He has violated the trust placed in him by Aarthi Rao, Lenin, Vinay Bharadwaj and several others. Nithy is no kala bhairava - if you believe that you have to have your head examined. Every time Nithy gets into trouble he runs into hiding. It has become a joke. He better come out - fess up to his crimes and pay with time spent in jail as well as compensate the victims. Dhyanampeetam is built on disputed land too. It will be destroyed by the real Kala bhairava.

  2. Kalabhairava needs a lawyer to come out of jail!!! lol. Kalabhairava is watching .I am Kalabhairava...funny statements. Nithya charges 1000's of bucks from people as fees.If he is god he shud do everything for free

  3. Bangalore: One of the witnesses in the case against Swami Nithyananda, the selfstyled godman who has been accused of rape and of hurting religious sentiments, has said in a statement to the CID that the swami had condoms and liquor at his Bidadi ashram.
    The CID has submitted the statements to the Ramanagar Court along with the chargesheet.

    One witness, who was reportedly forced by the swami to have physical relationship with him in the name of enlightenment (moksha), has said in her statement that during her stay in the Bidadi ashram, between August 2006 and December 2006, Nithyananda asked her to get liquor from a liquor store.

    She has said in the statement that though she was surprised by this instruction, she ignored her ego (as preached by Nithyananda) and did not judge the master.
    According to her statement to CID, no respectable family woman would go to a liquor store, but she subjected herself to such indignity of going to a liquor store near the ashram and buy alcohol.
    'He asked me to bring it to his room one day and drink it. Since I was not used to drinking such strong alcohol, my body reacted badly by vomiting and then I passed out. I have no idea what happened to me until Nithyananda woke me up after a few hours. I found myself lying naked in his bed,' she has said in her statement.

    'He then asked me to get dressed and leave. I must mention here that, according to the ashram rules created by Nithyananda himself, alcohol is strictly banned in the ashram premises,' says the statement.

    So, he reminded her about this rule and cautioned her to be extra careful in keeping the liquor very confidential, she said in her statement.
    She visited the Las Vegas Ashram in May 2006, where he had taken his team, including her to a strip club in Las Vegas. The swami shed his saffron clothing, and changed into a T-shirt and jeans. He explained to his followers that he was becoming too popular, and it was necessary for him to travel incognito.

    After their return, he called her to his room and asked her to perform a strip tease for him. Later, he asked her to buy 'sexy clothes, condoms, make-up and red lipstick,' she says in her statement.

    Nithyananda used condoms during sex with her. He instructed her a couple of times to buy condoms, keep them with her very carefully, and hand them over to him later. 'After sex, he would carefully collect the used condom and keep it with himself, saying it had to be disposed in a water body, and so he would do it himself while travelling,' she detailed.

    The investigating officers have submitted her deposition before the Ramnagar district court.

  4. Nice invigorating article about Nithyanda. Don't the so called devotees realise about his controversial teachings of hinduism and his behaviour?. The public should be taught the real meaning of the scripts of hinduism, not just the pronunciations of sanskrit slokas by the brahmin priests who should explain in common language every word they utter. Then they don't need to go to a phony preacher. I bet not even 1/3 of hindus know their own religion. Go to a preacher who teaches exactly what is in the texts and follows what he preaches

  5. My few questions.
    1.I dont believe/follow if somebody proclaims that he(she) is god!
    2.If he is kala bairavar then why does he need 1000 crore
    3.if he is god then why does he need ranchitha-actress
    4.if he is god why does he abcond from Police for 6 months-why cant he make the Police believe!
    5. The belief in God is the one thing that has kept this country with hope irrespective of drought, corrup politicians, war, atrocities, if you are meddling that faith with mambo jumbo tricks then you are here for a surprise.
    Have faith in you and your parents and family, that is god- nothing else. You cannot treat your parents and family then you are finding salvation with nithyananda!!??

  6. Nithyananda lied so much and they turn a blind eye to it. What can you expect from these brain washed morons?

    Wanderings:- The idiot Nithyananda lied over and over and after being cornered backtracks and says something else. He says that his parivrajaka consisted in his going to the temple from his house.

    Sex Contract:- The cult never denied it. Bhakta the swine and Siva the idiot even said in the times interview(google it) that it was meant for Western devotees who considered Shiva Linga as pornographic. If this is not blasphemy, then what?

    Donations:- The cult members say in an interview that donations are not meant to be returned even if the donors ask for it back (google it). Wow! What spiritualism!

    Healings:-The b@stard Nithyananda conducted so many Kalpataru and how many people has he healed? Blah...As an ex-volunteer, I have heard zillion complaints that none of their boons were granted..All that happened was the tramp Nithya robbing money from innocents.

    The trash that calls itself Nithyananda promised so many temples on his last Yogam tour. What happened? Most of the centers dissolved and it has been more than a year and a half due date since he said that the temples would come up.

  7. idiot wants scientific proofs. Where did the math in your brain go when your cult leader lied about his wanderings? 9 years wandering? It is there in his books, DVDs, CDs etc.

  8. How do you know there is no god? You know everything about the universe and have had every experience? Or maybe you claim to be god yourself, :) In which case there IS a god, only it's a god subject to your personal approval. How convenient for you.
    At least keep your public statements reasonable. You have no way of knowing whether there is a god or not.

  9. Nityananda might help the majority with his meditation techniques. However, all he has to do is sexually abuse a few - he still is guilty. It does not matter what his social service wing does. Nithy has to pay for his crimes. He has violated the trust placed in him by a few disciples as well as the society arround him. Bring him to book. Remember you have to walk the path of self realization yourself. No -one can enlighten another - especially instantly.

  10. I force watched a few of his videos to actually see why I should dislike him so much. Man, this guy opens his mouth and SH!T pours out. How can people listen to this guy even for 10 minutes? Lord! he so full of crap that if some one had to dump his crap somewhere, the whole of earth would not be sufficient.

    In one of his videos he claims to be kalabhairava and mahakali who will destroy negativity and prove that he is an Avatara. Gimme a break!!! I agree you are an Avatara Pakshi, that is someone who does a lot of melodrama, you are no avatar dude, you a a huge mass of crap. Put this crapper in jail forever, world is filled with unbearable crap already, we do not need and deserve more of such crappy Sh!T.