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Supreme Court Stayed Trial Court proceedings against Nithyananda in the 2010 rape case

Nithyananda Supreme Court rape case trial next date: 5 Dec. 2017

Nithyananda is a NORMAL ADULT and CAPABLE (Not impotent) - says Supreme Court Ordered Medical Tests; report exposes Nithy's fake claims of being 6-years old!

Updates from Courts


Trial court hears arguments on charge & discharge arguments for all accused. Next hearing in Trial Court on 21-08-17

Supreme Court directs Trial Court to continue with trial proceedings (arguments on charge) in Interim Order dated 7-11-2016.

Supreme Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (3rd Sep 2014)

High Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (16th Jul 2014)


17 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against whistleblower Dharmananda (lenin) by Nithyananda Cult Members!!!!

14 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against victim Aarthi Rao by Nithyananda & his Cult Members!!!! (All of them after charge sheet against Nithyananda)

3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation, Life Bliss Foundation,

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:

Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram,Trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that fraudulently obtained donations be returned


Renowned Forensic Expert Padma Bhushan Prof. Dr. P. Chandra Sekharan states "video not morphed"

Nithyananda dismissed from Madurai Adheenam (on 19th Oct 2012), Nithyananda is banned from entering Madurai Adheenam mutt

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Karnataka high court sets aside order of summons issued against Lenin Karuppan

Bangalore, Mar 31 (PTI) The Karnataka High Court today set aside a lower court order issuing summons to Lenin Karuppan, a former disciple of self-styled godman Nityananda on a complaint against him by a woman disciple.

Single Judge Justice K N Keshavanarayana set aside the Judicial Magistrate Ramanagara Court's October 30, 2010 order of issuing summons against Lenin, who blew the lid off the alleged sleaze activities involving Nityananda and a Tamil actress.

The court also directed the Judicial Magistrate to reconsider the order and pass an order in accordance with law.

Lenin had shot the controversial video purportedly showing Nityananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

Nityananda's US-based devotee Anjula Jackson had filed the complaint against Lenin on August 28 2010, alleging he had committed various offences under provisions of IPC when making the video.

Published: Thursday, Mar 31, 2011, 14:51 IST
Place: Bangalore | Agency: PTI
The Karnataka high court today set aside a lower court order issuing summons to Lenin Karuppan, a former disciple of self-styled godman Nithyananda on a complaint against him by a woman disciple.
Single Judge Justice KN Keshavanarayana set aside the judicial magistrate Ramanagara Court's October 30, 2010 order of issuing summons against Lenin, who blew the lid off the alleged sleaze activities involving Nithyananda and a Tamil actress.
The court also directed the judicial magistrate to reconsider the order and pass an order in accordance with law.
Lenin had shot the controversial video purportedly showing Nithyananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.
Nithyananda's US-based devotee Anjula Jackson had filed the complaint against Lenin on August 28 2010, alleging he had committed various offences under provisions of IPC when making the video. Lenin, she said, had violated Indecent Representation of Women Act and Information Technology Act and had also tresspassed into private property when shooting the video.
Nithyananda landed in controversy in March 2010 after a local television channel aired a purported video footage showing him in a compromising position with the actress.
He was subsequently arrested in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh on April 21 and granted conditional bail on June 11.

HC sets aside order of summons issued against Lenin

Bangalore, Mar 31 (PTI)

The Karnataka High Court today set aside a lower court order issuing summons to Lenin Karuppan, a former disciple of self-styled godman Nityananda on a complaint against him by a woman disciple.

Single Judge Justice K N Keshavanarayana set aside the Judicial Magistrate Ramanagara Court's October 30, 2010 order of issuing summons against Lenin, who blew the lid off the alleged sleaze activities involving Nityananda and a Tamil actress.

The court also directed the Judicial Magistrate to reconsider the order and pass an order in accordance with law. Lenin had shot the controversial video purportedly showing Nityananda in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

Nityananda's US-based devotee Anjula Jackson had filed the complaint against Lenin on August 28 2010, alleging he had committed various offences under provisions of IPC when making the video. Lenin, she said, had violated Indecent Representation of Women Act and Information Technology Act and had also tresspassed into private property when shooting the video.

Nityananda landed in controversy in March 2010 after a local television channel aired a purported video footage showing him in a compromising position with the actress.
He was subsequently arrested in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh on April 21 and granted conditional bail on June 11.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nityananda case

Mar 19, 2011, 01.09am IST

The high court has ordered notice to the CBI, home secretary, DGP and Ramanagaram police on a petition filed by Nitya Supriyananda alias Pushpa, a devotee of accused  Nityananda.

The petitioner has claimed that Bidadi police did not register her complaint against Lenin Kuruppan, former driver of accused  Nityananda, of trying to rape and abuse her. She has sought a CBI probe into the issue.

Friday, March 25, 2011

‘Sex’ babas still find ‘takers’

March 24, 2011

Devotees continue to worship Swami Nithyananda despite his 
controversial past — File photo.
Devotees continue to worship Swami Nithyananda despite his controversial past — File photo.

Spiritual guru Nithyananda’s confession to the CID of having slept with 15 women has not stopped his devotees from continuing to worship him.

“It has been 30 years since I have been with Nithyananda, and I still believe in him. The rest of it is just stories planted by those who want to show him in a bad light,” says a devotee, M. Manakya.

Senguctuvan, a doctor, feels the same, “Nithyananda is a great person and has helped many people in trouble. I have known him for years and I am sure he is not the kind of person who would indulge in such acts,” he says.

One would have thought that after the truth came out, the godman’s followers would have deserted him, but nothing like that has happened.

Sociologist Ganta Chakrapani reasons, “Once you become a devotee, the so-called baba extracts all your secrets from you. So, even if you realise later that the baba is at fault, you won’t be able to muster the courage to go against him. Later on, you tend to compromise and your value systems get diluted. The ‘devotees’ become more compromising and accommodating.”

And the country is full of “babas” like Nithyananda waiting for a chance to take advantage of the vulnerable devotees.

Chakrapani adds, “People who believe in these babas are the vulnerable lot. They play with the emotions of the devotees. There are no good or bad babas. All babas are fake. There is no need to consult a baba when you are in trouble. The moment you find a family member listening to the words of a guru and taking him seriously, you know it is time to intervene. One needs to consult a doctor and not a baba if you are facing a problem.”

People who fall victims to these fake babas have one thing in common, they are all vulnerable inside and they do not share anything with their “in-group” or friends.

Chakrapani says, “When they fail to build a rapport with others, they search outside and a baba comes in handy as they can pour out all their troubles and misfortunes to him. This mostly happens in families where members do not share anything with each other.”

“The only answer to this is to increase the sharing tendency. This is more common in modern families, where everyone is in his or her own world and bonding and sharing take a beating,” concludes the sociologist.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Nithyananda, Beware the 'Ides of March'! - Part 2

Continuing from where I left off... (Click here to read Part 1)

You stand exposed, no different from an ordinary criminal. But how is it that you are keeping your present flock together? I can understand that your first circle is self motivated since they are partners in your spiritual venture known as Dhyanapeetam. As a reward you have purchased an apartment in her name and set up Madam Maa Sachitananda (Ragini Vallabhaneni) in J.P Nagar, Bangalore. The Nithya Sadananda (Aiyya) family is well taken care of, with investments going into his
family mills and not to forget the studio you set up in Chennai which is to be run by Aiyya's son. Bhaktananda's son is admitted in to a private Medical college in Nellore, A.P. It's anybody's knowledge how much a Medical seat in a private College costs. Of course, Bhakta must be expecting some extra perks. He feels he is privileged and entitled as he was your cell mate for 53 days and but for him, you would have cracked in custody.

When the Doctor from the U.S called you on 24th March 2010, you so clearly admitted that you had "Many Women" and shamelessly went on to explain that it was like a Kalpataru. Are we to believe that your inner circle and important members of the second circle are not aware of your misdeeds, masquerading as an Enlightened Master? They are well aware, but are living in self denial. This is because you prevailed
upon them to be in total ' Vitarka' (absolute and unquestionable surrender to the Master). You have climbed a step higher and made yourself "A rare Incarnation and happening on planet earth- An Avatara Pursha". You have given them a few blissful experiences and taken control of their Body, Mind and Intellect. This is known as '
Vashikarana' a Siddhi which many spiritual practitioners have, but scriptures say that this Siddhi should not be used and if at all used in rare circumstances, it should be for the good of the person. You have blatantly misused and continue to misuse this for your lust and wealth and more specifically now to save yourself from law. Nithyananda, have some common sense, this can't continue for long, the police and law is closing in and "The Ides Of March are Here". Take care Nithy! Only Truth can still save you.

My study confirms that you are a megalomaniac and a sociopath. This is a medical condition and you live in delusion. Believing that you are an Avatara Pursha, you think you can handle all affairs and manage the crisis. You are failing Nithyananda, and the writing is clear on the wall. Even Hitler was in delusion and was hoping for a miracle to turn the tide. It never happened and it will never happen for you. Miracles happen only for people who honestly confess and repent. I see your first failing as when you fooled the elder advisers and the revered Sant community. They advised you to go an Parivarajika for 3 to 5 years, do Tapas and Penance and return to take control of your Ashram, morally better equipped. Had you done this Nithyananda, there would have been no charge sheet against you. No witness and no
complainant would have stood against you. Instead, the moment you came out of bail, with in a month you motivated and pushed your devotees to lodge false complaints against Lenin Dharmananda. What for Nithyananda? Enlightened masters are supposed to be compassionate. Anjula Jackson, Rajeshwary and Lori Alice Esperson were all
Ashramites who were induced to file cases against Dharmananda.

Nithyananda, brave, courageous and selfless people are born rarely. One of them happens to be your ex-brahmachary Sri Nithya Dharma

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What price spiritual enlightenment?

Acknowledgement: Album Satori from Flower Traveling Band.

What’s it with spiritual enlightenment? Why is it that people lose their mind over spiritual enlightenment, by whatever name it’s called, satori, nirvana, samadhi or holy union or whatever?

Does such a state exist?

Hindu scriptures say that one who has experienced spiritual enlightenment would not express it, and one who expresses it has never experienced it. Hindu scriptures are clear that one who talks about spiritual enlightenment is a fraud.

These days, we have self-proclaimed gurus with fancy titles not only talking about spiritual enlightenment but also guaranteeing it, as if it were their possession. Most of them have no clue to what they are talking about. There are enough Hindu scriptural references to spiritual enlightenment. These guys read about it. Some memorize the Hindu scriptural references in their original Sanskrit. They then start their business.

That’s all it is, pure business of spiritual enlightenment.

In Hindu scriptures, there are four statements called the great truths or maha vakyas. All these talk about the inner energy of our mind body spirit system. The Hindu scriptures say that in our inner energy state we are all divine. They say that our inner energy is the same as the cosmic energy. Realization of this truth, according to Hindu scriptures and Buddhist scriptures is spiritual enlightenment.

How do we get to this state of spiritual enlightenment?

Advaita or non-duality, the Hindu scripture philosophy, clearly states that we are one with the divine, that there’s no separation between us and this inner energy divinity and what may appear as separation is illusion or maya. The Advaita philosophy provides ways and means to reach this state. Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras provides the path to this spiritual enlightenment or samadhi, in his definition of the eight-fold path of Ashtanga Yoga. Patanjali Yoga is not, as i spoke earlier, hot, cold, wet, dry or nude Yoga. It’s about the mind, body, spirit and inner energy. The self-styled gurus who give away spiritual enlightenment as candies, and along with candies may have read the maha vakyas or Yoga Sutras, but to be sure, they have never practiced them. If they had, they wouldn’t talk about spiritual enlightenment.

If these gurus were indeed genuine, they would instead, as Ramana Maharishi did, direct us to self-enquiry and go back to silence.

Source: Zen Coach

Madan Patel says he won’t stop Sathyananda

Posted on March 23rd, 2011

Director-cum-producer Madan Patel and hero Ravi Chethan, who have set out on doing a movie on Paramahamsa Swami Nithyanada, have received a legal notice from the lawyers of the Swami. In the notice, Nithya’s advocates have warned to stop the production of the movie title Sathyananda. But Madan Patel has insisted that he will not be bogged down by any threat and stop the film. It was reported that Madan Patel was getting death threats ever since he announced to do a movie based on Nithyananda. The movie is made with a tagline: “A true story of Nithyananda”. Irked by this development, Swami’s attorneys from Hyderabad, B Krishnakumar, K Srinivasa Chari, M Pramila and D Yashoda have issued a legal notice to the producer to stop the movie.

In the Notice, the lawyers have claimed that Madan Patel is set to defame the image of Nithyananda by using the look alike of the Swamiji, Ravi Chetan. And this is the violation of movie act, which can be subjected to serious legal prosecution under the defamation act. The notice is a warning to the producer to drop the project.

But Madan Patel, who is a Hindu activist as well as a candidate from BJP party, has refused to shelve his project Sathyananda. Talking about the notice, Madan said, “I have received a notice from the lawyers of Nithyananda to stop the film Sathyananda. I remember a saying in Kannada – “Kumbalkai kalla andre hegalyake mutti Nodokteeri.” He thinks that we are doing a movie on him after seeing his look alike hero or or his costume. But he needs to watch all the scenes after the movie is completed. Then can decide whether it is based on him or not.”

The producers added, “As a director or producer, I have individual freedom. But he is suspecting the kind of costume or character that we are using in the movie Sathyananda. I think Nithyananda must be really involved in the dirty acts like sex scandal with actresses or cheating common man. That’s why he is feeling guilty and objecting to me doing a film. But I won’t be bogged down by such threats. I will continue my efforts.”

It should be recalled here that Madan Patel has reportedly been granted to use the title Sathya + Ananda, but the producer is allegedly using Sathyananda as the title for his movie. Now, it should be seen whether KFCC will take any action against him. However, the lawyers of Madan have already sent reply notice to Swami Nithyananda. Now, it should be seen what will be the next step of Nithyananda, if he does not stop the production of movie.

Source: News, TV9 NEWS

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Notice to film director not to make film on Nithyananda

A Hyderbad-based advocate has issued a legal notice to a Kannada film director not to make a film on self-styled godman Nithyananda which portrays a ''distorted version'' of his life.

Advocate Krishna Kumar Bhagawati has issued the notice to Madana Mallu not to make "Satyananda" as it "depicts only the police version of Nithyananda (depicting the alleged sleaze scandal involving a regional actress), which is false and baseless", senior counsel for Nithyananda, K V Dhananjay told PTI.

Bhagawati had earlier got a stay order from Hyderbad High Court on a Telugu film "Ayyaru" made on the life of Nithyananda, according to Dhananjay. Nityananda landed in controversy in March last year after a local television channel aired a purported video footage showing him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress.

He was subsequently arrested in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh on April 21. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has filed a chargesheet against Nityananda and four of his associates under various sections of IPC, including rape and unnatural sex.

Meanwhile, Madana Mallu challenged Nithyananda to take him to court if the film "Satyananda" he is making is "a distortion of his (Nithyananda) life".

Mallu told PTI that both he and the hero of the film, Ravi Chetan, who has acted in over 50 Kannada films, have been receiving threatening calls in the past few days, warning them "not to make the film as otherwise they would have to pay with their lives".

"Despite all this I am not bothered. I wish to send a message to public to beware of lecherous persons who are engaged in all obscene things while donning saffron clothes. It is a slur on all seers," he said.

"I am making a film which closely depicts his life. Let him watch the film first and if he has the face to term it as false and baseless, let him file a defamation suit. Let the court direct me to remove the scenes, I will readily do so," he said.

"The real fact is he is guilty and that is why he is making such a hue and cry," Mallu said. The multi-lingual film made in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi is being shot in and around Bangalore and slated to hit the screen by first week of June.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Nithy, do you think we cant see through all your cheap school boy tactics! No matter what drag-queen shiny clothing and ugly jewelry you wear, don’t you think we can see through your xxxx-eaten face! Of course let us remind you especially – video 1, video 2, video 3. And of course should we remind you the famous statements you have made – “I was just experimenting in bed”, “I am not a man”, “Powerful people are behind this”, “Stop this religious persecution”. We can’t forget the blood curdling articles in three part on what a low life you are with what you did right after the scandal (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Don’t you have some iota of humanness left? Of course you don’t, all that sex with room service ladies must have blown your brains away!

Nithy, your lies are filling up all the filth in the world, how low can you go? You have been caught red-handed with all your deceptions and you still think we cant see though your cheap tactics! Lets break it down, shall we.

1. You call this frog leaping monkey tactics levitation! (video 4, watch after 7:10 mins!). Yes you know how to move your hands and clap and show that you are doing your monkey business with that cheap xxxx -eaten grin of yours! This is your poorest attempt to copy Mahesh Yogi’s “Yogic flight” technique. And how come you didn’t teach some of this non-sense in the 8 years of your business and why now suddenly! Oh yes, you just want to retain some your brain-dead ashramites and blind devotees with your magic mongering!

2. eN effect! Crap! Where do we start! Another pathetic copy of the Maharishi effect! You even lifted the words like coherence from there and told it out of context with your uneducated village accent. #*$&, spit on you, you shameless pig!

3. Of course your recent gimmick of Vibhuti. Brutally copied from Sai Baba’s antics! Height of mystery mongering! Of course your dumb devotees are looking when white powder will fall here and there and put some awful pictures on your website! And of course it started from Oman, don’t we know how your ugly mind works here! It cannot simply start from Chennai or US, one can easily verify!

4. eN-Kriya, jeez, how can you even mix such words! You have consistently made a nice potpourri chat of some popular methods and created a brand. How low can you get Nithy? How low? Do you care for people, no, you just think people are buffaloes and pigs and will eat any potpourri you will come up with? You threw in a bunch of Osho’s techniques and called it your Life Bliss Program. You threw in a bunch of other random techniques into your other Spurana Programs and made lot of money by selling it to people. You said there will be Nithya Dhyan, Ananda Dhyan and in 2012, you will introduce Nithyananda Dhyan!! Now it’s all eN branded out of an ugly random musing you had with a night of sex! We know how you would have sold it to your dumb ashramites in the 'night ashramite meeting' and how they would have thought you were the best in the world! #$*%... spit on you Nithy!

5. These days it’s hilarious, how you always start your morning discourse with a joke! We are laughing through all the nine holes in the body when you say with your xxxx-eaten face and your village accent – “Today there are people watching live from 478.37 places, 124.458 cities & 21.56 countries”. Nithy, this is height of deception! Do you have even 0.00000001% of conscience or truthfulness? Of course not! Just a handful of fools sitting in a few places and clapping hands, you market it and blow it up 1000 times! Initially you blew it up 10 times, later it became 100, now it is 1000 times!

6. Of course, we know your tactics when you screw up. Jeez, you have been screwing up an awful lot these days! Haha! You are going to sink, you dumbo! Just like how you stitched your screwed up horrendous past with some fairy tale stories, you are doing that every single time you screw up! What a dumb xxxx -a$$ brain you have! Don’t you learn from your mistakes?! Of course not, you are blowing up your brains every night on tantric sex! You took some parts of the video from the recent arrests, cooked up nice fairy tale stories. It does not appeal to a 5 year old boy! If your ashramites and devotees are buying it, no one can help them! Their brains are screwed up like yours beyond any means of imagination. It was obvious, that night itself you put this fairy tale up on your website and started your drama. Each time you say “what really happened”, we don’t have to go further; we know it is the thickest gas straight from your sick black a$$!

7. You say powerful people are behind this! No Nithy!! We know it’s your cover up! It’s your own people who you cheated and squeezed their life are doing this to you. We know you, we know your criminal mind and we know your every step and how you do things. You are finished Nithy! 101 of your ex-disciples have complained to CID against you Nithy! WAKE UP!

8. And your current dumb ashramites and disciples – WAKE UP! Thousands of disciples have been mercilessly cheated -- it’s just a matter of time that you realize it too!! JUST ASK ONE QUESTION – “Why am I supporting some random guy without fully investigating it! Am I just by mesmerized by his claims and by my “mysterious” experiences?” If you can’t truly ask that question, you seriously need help! Your mind has been fried and sabotaged by Nithy’s evil techniques. Just to try, get out the ashram or temple for 1 month, just for 1 month take a leap of faith and then you will know for yourself. You can always run back to your sickness, but just give it 1 month and get out of Nithy’s influence and judge it fairly. You will get back your-self! Right-now you are slaving away to Nithy’s commands and his lunatic and psychopathic ideas. Just get-away for 1 month, you will realize how much your mind is sabotaged!

9. Your eN-TV news is the joke of the century! The same xxxx -eaten artificial smile of yours is carried by your news readers! #$%*& spit on you and the news readers! Where did you find that Maya and Mayateetananda! Such a bunch of losers and jokers! All that is spoken is ridiculous horse xxxx of spiritual jargon! Each time anybody has listened to one of those, it just lightens up the day that such jokers do exist and it is so grateful to not be influenced by sicko’s like you Nithy!

10. Nithy, can we remind you of a story you told – “When Buddha became enlightened in the forest, even the Lions and Tigers did not kill as long as he was there”. You only told with a xxxx -eaten grin a couple of years ago – “If disturbance is happening under an enlightened master’s presence, please be very clear, Master is not pure and doing something wrong”. Didn’t you tell in Jain sutras – “All the problems that Mxxxxm community is facing is because of the improper foundation from the prxxxxx Mxxxxxxx.” Don’t you think its high-time you realized the same applies to you!

Anyhow you are going straight to jail!! Psychopath! Egomaniac! Demon! 

Source: Comments
Special thanks to reader who posted such 'enlightening' information

Nithyananda, Beware the 'Ides of March'!

Sri Nithyananda, March is here again. It's been an eventful year. Let's recap the year so quickly gone by. Amazing! the way you have scaled the heights of story telling and lies. You have indeed developed it in to an art form. Not to be left behind, your first circle and also your second circle, who have also done a remarkable job of lies and half truths to save and defend their Master. What a pity! You have ruined their families and have left them with no independent identity nor rational and logical thought. You have brainwashed them to believe that their first duty is to defend their Master at any cost, even at the cost of Truth. Have you not told them that Truth is different from Fact? All this only to save yourself and keep your organization intact. Poor fellows, they don't even know that they are being used.

As an independent investigator, I have met a number of your supporters and a few important members of your Ashram who are in close contact with you. I purposely avoided meeting you, the accused first circle Ananda's and other second circle who gave the interviews. There was no need to meet, because the talks and interviews given were sufficient eye opener and indicative of their line of thought. I made it a point to meet a number of your ex-devotees who gave a lot to your Mission to make it what it is today. I met your ex- Maha-Acharya's, Acharya's, Major Donors, ex-Brahmacharis, advisers, members of your publishing department and sincere volunteers both in India and the U.S who have given a heart-rending tale of your betrayal and fraud.

Your run-and-hide days and the fact that during the first fortnight of the expose' you admitted to having a relationship with the 'woman-in-the-video' to many close and important devotees has been well covered and needs no wastage of time and space. During those days you   also admitted on the U-tube and the visual media that you were 'experimenting' and that your privacy was invaded and later admitted that the tape was partially true and partially altered. In your subsequent interviews you back tracked and presently you and your partner in the video refuse to admit that you are the persons in the video. The police and the labs have beyond doubt established that you and your partner (the woman in the video) are really the persons in the video and the Fact and Truth in this case remain the same. I wonder how you managed to brainwash your present devotees in to believing all your lies. You deserve a medal for dishonesty and brainwashing.

We won't waste much time about your arrest, the feigning of heart pain and hospitalization to avoid interrogation. Your admission to the police to having an intimate relationship with  not just the woman in the video but also admitting to having sex with over 16 women. However, your own confession in front of the police is not a legally admissible evidence in the courts... so you are at an advantage here. Nithyananda! Are these the ways of a real/genuine day Enlightened Master?  No! certainly not!!


Click here for Part 2

Source: Comments
Special thanks to the reader who has posted this info as comments!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nithyananda tries to squirm out of US fraud charges

Chandan Nandy Bangalore, March 11, DHNS

Days after one of his organisations was sued for fraud in the United States, lawyers representing Nithyananda and his several organisations in that country have denied he has any links with those so-called non-profit enterprises.

The “memorandum of points and authorities”, which are essentially rebuttals of the allegations made against Oklahoma-based Nithyananda Foundation by some non-residents Indians (NRIs) who in December last year brought criminal and civil charges of fraud, racketeering, breach of contract and unfair business practices, claims: “Swami is not a Foundation Board Member, is not a shareholder or member of the Foundation, is not an employee of the Foundation, and is not an agent of the Foundation.”

Two directors of the foundation were also slapped with the same charges.
A copy of the two-page document, which is in the possession of Deccan Herald, quotes the NRIs’ criminal case petition, filed in the superior court in San Bernadino county of California, saying: “Plaintiff (NRIs) alleges that Swami (not the Foundation) agreed in writing to transfer ownership of the property to plaintiff as a return of plaintiff’s $1.7 million investment” and that “despite the Swami’s agreement to transfer ownership of the property, the Foundation breached the contract and refuses to convey the property”.
The document claims that “Swami had no authority to authorise such transfer”.
It appears that the foundation lawyer’s response to the criminal case is more an attemp to delink Nithyananda from not just that particular entity but also at least a dozen other not-for-profit organisations that Nithyananda’s senior devotees ran across the United States.

The NRI’s criminal petition provides specific examples of wire transfer of huge sums of money, in the form of donations by devotees, from the foundation to a company known as Nithyananda Export and Import, which was “created, operated and is run by Nithyananda’s brother”.

In the light of the allegations made by the NRIs and the response to the charges, several former Nithyananda devotees are now wondering why an attempt is being made to show that he has no ties with the many money-spinning organisations that were established under his name.

One such entity was the Nithyananda Investment Fund I LP (limited partnership), a hedge fund, of which Nithyananda was the promoter.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nithyananda entity sued for fraud in US

Chandan Nandy , Bangalore, March 10, DHNS

A group of non-resident Indians (NRIs) has moved legally to invoke a United States federal law, whose intended use is it to prosecute the American mafia, against a non-profit organisation of Nithyananda, who is already at the centre of a controversy.

About 30 NRIs recently filed in the superior court in San Bernardino county of California a criminal case against a Oklahoma-based non-profit organisation, Nithyananda Foundation, and two of its directors, Ma Nithya Sadhananda, alias D Jamunarani, and Siva Vallabhaneni, alias Nithya Sachitananda. The court summons was served on Sachitananda on March 4, but it could not be served on Jamunarani, the wife of Nithyananda’s secretary Sadhananda, alias Dhanasekaran, since she is absconding from the Bidadi ashram near here.

The NRIs have slapped charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) Act and other criminal and civil charges involving fraud, conspiracy, breach of contract and unfair business practices.

Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes—27 federal crimes and eight state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering.

Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count. In addition, the racketeer must forfeit all ill-gotten gains and interest in any business gained through a pattern of "racketeering activity."

According to the petition in the San Bernardino court, a copy of which is available with Deccan Herald, Nithyananda has at all times “controlled and operated the foundation as his own personal asset and piggybank”.

The petition alleges that Nithyananda “controls numerous other organisations and transfers monies from one entity to another at will, including monies from the foundation to a company, Nithyananda Export and Import, that was created, operated and is run by Nithyananda’s brother.” The petition provides a specific example of invoices totalling $550,386.82 from Nithyananda Imports and Exports to Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Temple and Cultural Centre for statues that were worth less than $100,000.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Not impotent, had sex with several women'NITHYANANDA

While last month, Swami Nithyananda and actress and Ranjitha categorically denied their role in the alleged sex romp captured on camera, the former confessed before Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sleuths that he did have sex with his disciples, but with consent.

In the interrogation report recorded by the CID, a copy of which is with MiD DAY, the disgraced swami admitted that he had sex with the actress. Initially Nithyananda claimed that he does not get sexually aroused as he is neither man nor woman, but after the CID screened the controversial video for him, he told the investigating officer that it was indeed him in the video.

The self-styled swami said that he was not impotent, but only had an erectile dysfunction, swearing that whatever he told CID officials during the interrogation was only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Elaborating on his sexual life at his ashram, he admitted that, apart from the actress, he had sex with more than 15 other women, but did not remember their names. He admitted that what he did was wrong and that sometimes he chose female devotees to have sex with, and sometimes they were already willing to do so themselves.

Justifying his misdeeds, the disgraced swami said that he had done nothing illegal, although his deeds might be socially and religiously wrong. He said that he might have had sex with many people, but never did he force anyone and all the encounters were voluntary. He also said that he just wanted to come out his present mess.

It may be recalled that Ranjitha, at a press conference held in Bangalore last month, denied that she was the woman in the video with Nithyananda. She added that the details had been fabricated and also lodged a case against Lenin Karuppan, Nityananda's former driver who taped the act , Ranjitha also claimed that she had no recollection of any kind of sexual exploitation by Nithyananda.

The Other Side
Speaking to Ranjitha's advocate, Gajendra Naidu regarding Nityananda's confession, we asked him what the confession meant and how it would stand in a court of law. He differed the confessional statement, saying that it would be unacceptable in a court.

Explaining further, he said, "When an accused confesses his crime before the investigating authority, they should recover facts related to the crime, which are permissible in a court of law and not just a confession made before cops. This is generally considered to have been made under duress and does not stand in court.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sathyananda is based on Nithyananda

Director Madan Patel, who belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party, has dared to do a movie based on the recent expose of Swamy Nithyananda's scandal. The film has been titled Sathyananda and Madan describes it as his most ambitious project, which started rolling from last week.

The muhuratha of Sathyananda was recently held at the Freedom Park in Bangalore. Addressing the media, Madan Patel said, "I am a staunch believer in Hinduism, which is facing a big threat these days. Some fraudulent, self proclaiming god men are playing with the beliefs and trust of Hindus. I want to expose them and create awareness among the people."

The Kannada film producer is success in finding Ravi Chethan for the lead role (Nithyananda) in the film Sathyananda. He has approached Nimitha and Charmi for female lead, which is yet to be confirmed. Dinakar has written the dialogues and Ragu is the cameraman for the film.

However, the film launch of Sathyananda was a grand event, which was attended by several top politicians including Home Minister R Ashok. The shooting of the first day was held at Freedom Park after taking a few shots of the muhurath.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lot of freedom messages and E-mails have been received from ex-organizers, Acharya's, devotees, major donors and youth wing members of Nithyananda mission.

The heart wrenching stories and testimonials of the deception and
fraud perpetuated by  Nithyananda have been received from over 27 countries and 97 cities from both India and abroad.

They have expressed their wholehearted thanks to Sri Lenin Dharmananda
for exposing the fraud of Nithyananda. Some of the cities from where messages have been received are: Bangalore, Baroda, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mysore, Mandya, Salem, Chennai, Coimbatore and many more towns of Tamil Nadu.

Messages from ex-international devotees  from Vancover, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, Phoenix, Columbus, Oklahoma, St. Louis, New York, etc have also been received.


                பலச் சாமியார் நித்யானந்தாவின் பிடதி ஆசிரமத்திற்குள் 24-ந் தேதி இரவு நுழைந்த கர்நாடக போலீஸ் டீம்... அங்கிருந்த நிர்வாகிகள் மூன்றுபேரைக் கைதுசெய்து... ஆசிரமத்தரப்பிற்கு ஹைவோல்ட் அதிர்ச்சி கொடுத்திருக்கிறது.

நித்தி மீதான பாலியல் உள்ளிட்ட பல்வேறு வழக்குகளையும் கர்நாடக சி.ஐ.டி. போலீஸ்தான் கையிலெடுத்து விசாரித்துவருகிறது. நித்தியின் செக்ஸ் ஒப்பந்தம் குறித்த புகார் தொடர்பாக விசாரணை நடத்த.... ஆசிரம பெண் டிரஸ்ட்டியான மா சதானந்தாவை மாதக்கணக்கில் தேடிவந்தனர். காரணம் ஆசிரமத்தில் ஐக்கியமாக வரும் இளம்பெண்களிடம்... செக்ஸ் ஒப்பந்தத்தில்  கையெழுத்து வாங்கியதோடு... ஆசிரமத்தின் சார்பில் சாட்சிக் கையெழுத்தையும் தொடர்ந்து போட்டு வந்தவர் இந்த மா சதானந்தாதான்.

’ஆசிரமத்தில் செக்ஸ் பரிசோதனைகளுக்கு உட்படவேண்டியிருக்கும். செக்ஸ் ரீதியிலான இந்த தாந்ரீகப் பயிற்சிகள் குறித்து வெளியே யாரிடமும் சொல்லக்கூடாது’என்ற ரீதியில்... மோசமான கண்டி ஷன்கள் அடங்கிய அந்த ஒப்பந்தத்தில் யாராவது கையெழுத்துப்போட மறுத்தால்... அவர்களைப் பேசிப்பேசியே பிரைன்வாஷ் செய்து... சாமர்த்திய மாய் கையெழுத்து வாங்கிவிடுவாராம் இந்த மா.

’’தனசேகர் என்கிற சதானந்தாவின் மனைவி தான் இந்த மா. திருச்செங் கோட்டைச் சேர்ந்த இந்த சதானந்தாதான்... பெங்களூரில் நித்தி, ஆசிரம பிஸ்னஸ் தொடங்க முதலீடு பண்ணியவர். தனது இனத்தைச் சேர்ந்தவர் என்பதால் சதானந் தாவை தனக்கு நிகராக வைத்துக்கொண்டார் நித்தி. ஆசிரமத்தின் அனைத்து கரன்ஸிப் பரிபாலனத்தையும் இவர்தான் பார்த் துக்கொள்கிறார். எனவே இவ ரது மனைவி யான மாவும் இங்கு பலத்த பவர் புள்ளியாக இருக்கிறார். ஸ்பின் னிங் மில் அனுபவம் இருக்கும் சதானந் தா மூலம்.... நிறைய காற்றாலைகளில் முதலீடு பண்ணி யிருக்கிறார் நித்தி’ என்கிறார்கள் விபர மறிந்தவர்கள்.

தேடிப்போகும் போதெல்லாம் சி.ஐ.டி. அதிகாரிகளுக்குத் ’தண்ணி’ காட்டிவிடுவார் மா. எனவே அவரின் நடமாட்டத்தைக் கண்காணித்த அதி காரிகள்... 24-ந் தேதி மா ஆசிரமத்தில் இருப்பதை அறிந்து... விசாரணை அதி காரி ராமலிங்கப்பா தலைமையில் அங்கு விரைந்தனர். ஆசிரம முகப்பு கேட்டுக்கு அதிகாரிகள் வந்தபோது... அதை அறிந்த மா, வேறொரு வாசல் வழி யாக குவாலிஸ் காரில் தப்பினார். இதைப்பார்த்த அதிகாரிகளும் பெங்களூர் ரோட்டில் விரைந்து அவரது காரை ஜீப்பில் துரத்தினர். 10 கி.மீ. தூரத்துக்கு நடந்த இந்த சேசிங்கில்.. கடும் டிராபிக்கை பயன்படுத்திக்கொண்டு எஸ்கேப் ஆகிவிட்டார் மா.

இதைத்தொடர்ந்து... தங்கள் வேலைக்கு இடையூறு செய்ததாக ஆசிரமத் தரப்பினர் மீது சி.ஐ.டி. அதிகாரிகள் பிடதி காவல் நிலையத்தில் புகார்கொடுக்க.... புகாரைப் பெற்ற பிடதி போலீஸார்... இரவு 8 மணிக்கு ஆசிரமத்திற்குள் அதிரடியாகப் புகுந்தனர். அங்கிருந்த நிர்வாகிகளான சச்சிதானந்தா,  தயானந்தா, சாந்திமயானந்தா ஆகியோரை சுற்றி வளைத்துக் கைது பண்ணி ஸ்டேஷனுக்கு அள்ளிச் சென்றனர். போலீஸின் இந்த அதிரடி அட்டாக்கால்... அதிர்ச்சியில் உறைந்துபோயிருக்கிறார் நித்யா. மாவை வலைவீசித் தேடிக்கொண்டி ருக்கிறார்கள்.

Can anyone please translate this to english for people who cannot ready tamil please?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Karnataka high court dismisses contempt petition filed by Nithyananda's disciple

Karnataka high court today dismissed a contempt of court petition filed against a criminal investigation department (CID) officer by a woman disciple of self-styled godman Nithyananda, facing charges of rape.
A division bench, comprising Justice K Shridhar Rao and Justice K Govindarajulu, dismissed the petition filed by Anjula Jackson, against the officer, Yogappa submitting that "the investigating officer had interfered in the course of justice".
Yogappa has been investigating the charges against Nithyananda.