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Supreme Court Stayed Trial Court proceedings against Nithyananda in the 2010 rape case

Nithyananda Supreme Court rape case trial next date: 5 Dec. 2017

Nithyananda is a NORMAL ADULT and CAPABLE (Not impotent) - says Supreme Court Ordered Medical Tests; report exposes Nithy's fake claims of being 6-years old!

Updates from Courts


Trial court hears arguments on charge & discharge arguments for all accused. Next hearing in Trial Court on 21-08-17

Supreme Court directs Trial Court to continue with trial proceedings (arguments on charge) in Interim Order dated 7-11-2016.

Supreme Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (3rd Sep 2014)

High Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (16th Jul 2014)


17 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against whistleblower Dharmananda (lenin) by Nithyananda Cult Members!!!!

14 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against victim Aarthi Rao by Nithyananda & his Cult Members!!!! (All of them after charge sheet against Nithyananda)

3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation, Life Bliss Foundation,

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:

Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram,Trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that fraudulently obtained donations be returned


Renowned Forensic Expert Padma Bhushan Prof. Dr. P. Chandra Sekharan states "video not morphed"

Nithyananda dismissed from Madurai Adheenam (on 19th Oct 2012), Nithyananda is banned from entering Madurai Adheenam mutt

Friday, December 16, 2016

SC refuses to stay trial court proceedings against Nithyananda

New Delhi, Dec 15, 2016

The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to stay the trial court proceedings against Swami Nithyananda in a six-year-old rape case.

A bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra and A M Khanwilkar did not suspend the trial court proceedings in view of a pending challenge to a high court order that had directed handing over certain documents, including “unauthenticated medical records” of the rape victim, to Nithyananda. In an earlier order on 7th November, the Court had directed the Trial Court to proceed with hearing the arguments on charge.

Nithyananda’s counsel opposed the Special Leave Petition filed by complainant Lenin, questioning the locus standi of the petitioner in the criminal case. Lenin, who acted as driver of Nithyananda, had filed a complaint with the police in 2010.

Meanwhile, advocate V N Raghupathy, appearing for Karnataka, submitted that the state has also filed a special leave petition against the July 21 order of the high court. The apex court, while refraining from passing any further order, put the matter for consideration on January 17.

In its petition, the state government contended that the high court ordered for providing statements of 32 witnesses, including that of actor Ranjitha Menon to the accused. 

Ranjitha’s purported CD with Nithyananda had led to registration of criminal cases. The high court had also directed furnishing medical records of another victim and her email conversations to the accused.

The state government claimed the documents were not part of the charge sheet filed against Nithyananda and others in the rape and cheating case registered in March 2010 in the Bidadi police station in Ramanagaram district and, had not been relied upon by the prosecution.

Nithyananda and four other accused are seeking the “records virtually to set up a defence at the pre-trial stage which cannot be permitted”, advocate Joseph Aristotle, representing the state government submitted. He said the accused had misused the judicial process in order to delay the proceedings.

Nithyananda, who was booked for rape and indulging in unnatural sex, was arrested on April 22, 2010. Later, he was granted bail on June 11, 2010.

The 39-year-old, who founded an ashram with its headquarters on the outskirts of Bengaluru, was directed by the apex court in 2014 to undergo potency test and give blood and voice sample required for investigation of the case.
Source: Deccan Herald

Thursday, August 4, 2016


The Trial proceedings in the Nithyananda Rape Case (Sessions case no.: SC No. 86/2014) is all set to continue in Ramanagar Sessions Court starting 29.8.2016. Nithyananda’s secretary & co-accused Bhaktananda @ Gopal Sheelum Reddy had managed to stay the Trial proceedings with a Stay order from the High Court in Criminal Petition no. 938/2016. 

On 21.7.2016 Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka disposed the criminal petition and Stay order and thereby cleared the way for the Trial in the Nithyananda Rape Case to proceed. Following the standard procedure, Rape Accused Nithyananda and his 5 secretaries/co-accused are expected to appear in Ramanagar Sessions Court since Trial proceedings in SC No. 86/2014 will resume after a short Stay order by the High Court in April this year. 

Interestingly, the Nithyananda Cult is at its deceptive best, spreading lies & false information by claiming that the rape case against Nithyananda has been quashed by the High Court recently.  

For the layman who is interested in knowing the facts and to help one see through the mountain of lies and false propaganda of Nithyananda cult, here are all the facts about the recent developments. 

1. Rape Case against Nithyananda is NOT QUASHED. Trial proceedings are continuing in Ramnagar Sessions Court in Sessions Case SC No. 86/2014. Next hearing in Ramanagara is on 29.8.2016. 

a) Whistleblower** Lenin @ Dharmananda filed a complaint in Mar 2010 (Crime No. 141/2010 at Bidadi Police Station) against Nithyananda about his rape & other illegal activities inside the ashram. 

b) After thorough investigation and based on statements of 2 victims and several ex-devotees and several clinching crucial evidence such as sex-contracts (Non-Disclosure Agreements), phone confession of Nithyananda to Lenin, etc. Karnataka CID filed 1000 page Chargesheet (CC No. 204/2010) in Nov 2010. 

c) Subsequently, in Sep 2014 Supreme Court ordered Nithyananda to cooperate & appear for medical examination (potency test, as required by law) and also to give voice samples. Voice test was for Forensic validation of his extra-judicial confession over phone to Lenin about his sexual relations with many women. 

d) Medical examination results proved conclusively that Nithyananda’s ridiculous claims of “6 year old child” were the biggest joke, as the doctors found him to be a NORMAL ADULT, i.e. like any other normal man, NOT like a 6 year old child!! Likewise forensic voice tests confirmed that it was indeed Nithyananda who confessed to Lenin about his sexual relations and begged Lenin to forgive him and to just remain silent about the whole thing! 

e) In 2014 Supreme Court also ordered the accused to stop further delays in this case and for Trial Court to conclude the trial soon. After this, the case was transferred to the Sessions Judge Ramanagara (as per standard procedure/requirement) and got numbered as Sessions Case SC No. 86/2014.

f) Since then, Accused had been filing one petition or the other to delay the Trial proceedings. But High Court has cleared the way for the trial to resume now, after disposing of petition Crl.P 938/2016 on 21.7.2016, which was filed by Accused no. 2 Bhaktananda @ Gopal Sheelum Reddy. 

2. Another (different) complaint about harassment & intimidation by Nithyananda disciples during Lenin’s press meet in Dec 2010 has been quashed recently by High Court. This has NO EFFECT on the rape case trial. 

• After Rape case charge sheet was filed by Karnataka CID against Nithyananda and is secretaries, in Dec 2010 Lenin came out in the public for the first time and gave a press meet in Bangalore Press Club to answer the many questions that media and public had about the case and about Lenin. Lenin also revealed during his press meet that Nithyananda and his followers were continuously threatening and harassing the victims and witnesses in the case, including himself.

• During Lenin’s Dec 2010 press meet, 20-30 fanatic disciples and ashram-mates of Nithyananda, on the instigation of the cult leader Nithyananda, suddenly landed up at the Press Club, tried to storm in and disrupt the press meet, and also to intimidate the whistleblower Lenin. 

• Police protection had to be called in immediately for Lenin’s protection. Several policemen arrived immediately and brought the situation under control. 

• The entire incident was widely reported by all the media since it happened during a press meet. 

• Subsequently, Lenin gave a complaint regarding intimidation and harassment during his press meet in Crime No. 75/2010, at the Vidhan Soudha police station

• As soon as the investigation started into Lenin’s Vidhan Soudha complaint the accused (Nithyananda and his fanatic brainwashed cult followers) ran to the high court with a petition to quash Lenin’s complaint. 

• On 2nd Aug 2016, the High Court of Karnataka quashed this Dec 2010 complaint of Lenin regarding the intimidation and harassment during his press meet in Crime No. 75/2010, at the Vidhan Soudha police station by the cult. 

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the Complaint in Cr. No 75/2010 at Vidhan Soudha Police Station (which was regarding press meet disruption, harassment & intimidation by Nithyananda followers ) has been quashed by the High Court recently. 

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NITHYANANDA RAPE CASE TRIAL. Quashing of this press meet complaint has no effect on the rape case against Nithyananda. 



THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE AND VERY FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Do not be fooled by the lies spread by the cult. Know the facts and use your god given intelligence to decide for yourself. 

There is no doubt that Nithyananda will be found guilty of rape in a trial, because the truth cannot be silenced! 
Satyameva Jayate! 

** Whistleblower Lenin was one of the closest inner circle disciples of Nithyananda & long time Brahmachari of his ashram before the 2010 scandal. After the scandal, in an attempt to discredit and defame him, Nithyananda conveniently called him a driver, said he was just a casual visitor to the ashram. Absolute lies, which is very typical of such cults.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Update Regarding Nithyananda Case


Recently Karnataka High Court has passed an order that 32 witness statements, Nithyananda's medical test (obtained by Nithyananda himself from a private hospital) and victim's email , if these are in the investigation diary they may be considered by the Trial court. This is the actual news, as reported by many media.However, the cult as usual misrepresents information and is spreading lies in online media to confuse the public and harass the victims & others.

High Court direction to trial court in Nithyananda case

In a temporary relief to Nithyananda Swamy of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam of Bidadi, near Bengaluru, the High Court of Karnataka on Thursday directed the trial court in Ramangaram district to summon medical records, statements of 32 witnesses, and the statements of actress Ranjitha in an alleged rape case against him.

Justice H. Billappa passed the order while setting aside the January 28, 2016 order of the trial court, which had rejected the plea for summoning these statements as the prosecution has not made them part of the charge sheet.

In his petition, Nithyananda had contended that the trial court erred in not summoning the statements, certain medical records, his own statements given to the investigation officer, and also the emails of a former woman devotee of the ashram who had made allegation of rape against him.

The petitioner pointed out, "Though these documents were part of the investigation, they were not submitted to the court along with the charge sheet as the prosecutor had given an opinion stating that they would not support the prosecution’s case against him". Nithyananda, the petitioner and some other accused persons, who had filed an application before the trial court seeking their discharge from the case, had requested the court to summon the documents and statements that supports some of their claims.

Source: The Hindu


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nithyananda Defaulter: Wears Gold Crown but Refuses to pay workers in Ujjain

Swami Nityananda has escaped from the Kumbh mela without even paying dues for the arrangements (flower decorations, light and sound arrangements, etc) at his pandal (camp) in Simhash, Ujjain. The cheques given to some of the suppliers bounced and they did not get any payment as promised by the ashram.

सिंहस्थ के 'डिफॉल्टर' निकले स्वामी नित्यानंद, बकाया बिल के लिए लोग लगा रहे चक्कर

  • May 27, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

மதுரை ஆதீனத்துக்கு இளைய ஆதீனம் நியமனம்

இந்து மதத்தில் சைவ பிரிவை தழைத்தோங்கச் செய்தவர்களில் திருஞான சம்பந்தர் குறிப்பிடத் தகுந்தவர். மதுரையை ஆட்சி செய்த கூன் பாண்டிய மன்னன் காலத்தில் சமண மதம் பரவியது. இதையடுத்து, கூன்பாண்டியன் மனைவி சுந்தரேஸ்வரரை மனம் உருக வேண்டினார். மன்னனுக்கு வெப்பு நோயை ஏற்படுத்தினார் இறைவன். இந்நோயை சமணர்களால் குணப்படுத்த முடியவில்லை. இதையடுத்து ஞான சம்பதருக்குத் தகவல் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டு, அவர் மதுரைக்கு வந்து, கூன் பாண்டியனின் வெப்பு நோயை நீக்கினார்.

இதையடுத்து, மதுரையில் சைவ மதத்தை வளரச் செய்யும் வகையில் மீனாட்சியம்மன் கோயிலுக்கு அருகில் ஆதீனத்தை நிறுவினார் ஞானசம்பந்தர். திருஞான சம்பந்தரால் நிறுவனப்பட்ட மதுரை ஆதீனத்தின் 292வது ஆதீனமாக அருணகிரி உள்ளார். இந்நிலையில், கடந்த சில ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்னர் சுவாமி நித்தியானந்தர், மதுரை ஆதீனத்தின் இளைய ஆதீனமாக நியமிக்கப்படுவதாக அருணகிரி அறிவித்தார். இதில் சர்ச்சை ஏற்பட்டது. இதையடுத்து நித்தியானந்தரை இளைய ஆதீனம் பதவியில் இருந்து நீக்கி, அருணகிரி உத்தரவிட்டார்.

இந்நிலையில், மதுரை ஆதீனத்தின் இளைய ஆதீனத்தை நியமனம் செய்வது தொடர்பாக கடந்த சில நாட்களாக ஆலோசனை நடந்தது. இந்நிலையில், இன்று காலை மதுரையில் நிருபர்களை சந்தித்த ஆதீனம் அருணகிரி, “மதுரை ஆதீனத்தின் இளைய ஆதீனமாக பிள்ளையார்பட்டியைச் சேர்ந்த திருநாவுக்கரசு என்பவர் பட்டம் சூட்டப்படுவதாக முறைப்படி அறிவித்தார். அருணகிரி மதுரை ஆதீனத்தின் 292வது குருமகா சன்னிதானமாக வந்த பின்னர், இப்போது நான்காவது முறையாக மதுரை ஆதீனத்துக்கு இளைய ஆதீனம் நியமிக்கப்படுகிறார் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

ஜெயலலிதாவுடன் மதுரை ஆதீனம் சந்திப்பு; சட்டமன்ற தேர்தலில் அ.தி.மு.க.வுக்கு ஆதரவு தெரிவித்தார்

ஞாயிறு, ஏப்ரல் 24,2016, 3:10 AM IST


முதல்-அமைச்சர் ஜெயலலிதாவை மதுரை ஆதீனம் நேற்று சந்தித்தார். அப்போது நடைபெற உள்ள சட்டமன்ற தேர்தலில் அ.தி.மு.க.வுக்கு ஆதரவு அளிப்பதாக தெரிவித்தார்.

ஜெயலலிதாவுடன் சந்திப்பு

இதுதொடர்பாக அ.தி.மு.க. தலைமைக்கழகம் வெளியிட்டுள்ள செய்திக்குறிப்பில் கூறப்பட்டு இருப்பதாவது:-

தமிழ்நாடு சட்டமன்ற பேரவை பொதுத்தேர்தல் 16.5.2016 அன்று நடைபெற உள்ளதை முன்னிட்டு, அ.தி.மு.க. பொதுச்செயலாளரும், முதல்-அமைச்சருமான ஜெயலலிதாவை, மதுரை ஆதீனம் நேரில் சந்தித்து, அ.தி.மு.க.வுக்கு தமது மனப்பூர்வமான ஆதரவை தெரிவித்ததோடு, அ.தி.மு.க. வேட்பாளர்களை ஆதரித்து, தாம் தேர்தல் பிரசாரம் செய்ய இருப்பதாகவும் தெரிவித்தார்.

அதற்கு, அ.தி.மு.க. பொதுச் செயலாளரும், முதல்-அமைச்சருமான ஜெயலலிதா தமது நன்றியினைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொண்டார். இந்த சந்திப்பின் போது மதுரை ஆதீனத்துடன், இளைய ஆதீனம் மற்றும் ஆதீனத்தின் முதன்மை செயலாளர் எம்.ஆர்.எம்.பாலசுப்பிரமணியன் ஆகியோர் உடன் இருந்தனர்.

இவ்வாறு அந்த செய்திக்குறிப்பில் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

அ.தி.மு.க.வுக்கு ஆதரவு

முதல்-அமைச்சர் ஜெயலலிதாவை சந்தித்தபின், மதுரை ஆதீனம் நிருபர்களுக்கு பேட்டியளித்தார். அப்போது நிருபர்கள் கேட்ட கேள்விகளும், அதற்கு அவர் அளித்த பதில்களும் வருமாறு:-

கேள்வி:- அ.தி.மு.க.வுக்கு ஆதரவு தெரிவித்த நீங்கள், எப்போதில் இருந்து பிரசாரம் செய்ய இருக்கிறீர்கள்?

பதில்:- அதற்கான தேதி பின்னர் அறிவிக்கப்படும். எங்களுடைய பிரசாரம் மேடை பிரசாரமாக இருக்கும். அ.தி.மு.க. பொதுச்செயலாளரும், முதல்-அமைச்சருமான ஜெயலலிதா சொல்வது படி நாங்கள் பிரசாரம் செய்வோம்.

கேள்வி:- அ.தி.மு.க. பொதுச்செயலாளர் ஜெயலலிதாவின் வெற்றி வாய்ப்பு எப்படி இருக்கிறது?

பதில்:- நிச்சயமாக அவர் வெற்றி பெற்று மீண்டும் முதல்-அமைச்சராக பதவி ஏற்பார்.

பூஜை, தியானம்...

கேள்வி:- ஆதீனம் சார்பாக ஜெயலலிதா வெற்றி பெறுவதற்கு யாகங்கள் ஏதாவது நடத்தப்படுமா?

பதில்:- சிறப்பு யாகம் என்ற திட்டம் எதுவுமில்லை. அ.தி.மு.க. பொதுச்செயலாளர் ஜெயலலிதாவுக்காக தினமும் பூஜை, தியானம் செய்து வருகிறோம்.

கேள்வி:- நித்யானந்தாவை பற்றி ஒரு கேள்வி கேட்கலாமா?

பதில்:- நித்யானந்தா முடிந்து போன கதை. அதை பற்றி பேச ஒன்றுமில்லை.

இவ்வாறு அவர் பதிலளித்தார்

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Nithyananda Audio Confesson to Lenin Whistleblower 2010

Nithyananda Audio Confesson to Lenin Whistleblower

NIthyananda confessed that he had sexual relations with women, in a phone call to whistleblower 'Dharma' (Dharmananda alias Lenin) and begged him to remain silent about it. Hear this audio confession to know the truth about Nithyananda, where he clearly states it is between 2 adults and there is nothing 'legally' wrong with it!!! So this is the kind of "Sanyasa" and "Brahmacharya" this so-called Swami teaches the world!! What is worse, he even dares to justify his unholy illegal activities by defaming Vivekananda, Ramakrishna pramahamsa, Ramana maharishi and many such genuine great saints, saying they had similar relationships with women, and he is also like all of them!! As you can hear in this audio, Nithyananda begs Dharma (@ Lenin) to forgive him, 'promises not to harm him in any way,' and pleads with Lenin to remain silent about this whole issue.

A real seeker and any common man must ask themselves, if Nithyananda is really innocent as he claims, why did he ask for forgiveness and plead the whistleblower to remain silent? Why did he say that is it (sex) between 2 adults and there is nothing illegal about it? Is he fit to be compared with the glorious saints like Vivekananda & Ramakrishna?!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Madras high court restrains Nithyananda from being head of four mutts

PTI | Feb 17, 2016

CHENNAI: The Madras high court has restrained controversial godman Swami Nithyananda from functioning as the head of four temple mutts in and around Tiruvarur.

Swami Nithyananda. (TOI file photo by K Sunil Prasad)

 Justice R Shivakumar also stayed further proceedings in a suit filed by Nithyananda pending before the principal subcourt in Nagapattinam in respect of properties of the mutts.

The judge granted an interim stay on Nithyananda continuing as the Madadhipathi of Somanatha Swami Temple and Mutt at Thiruvarur, Sri Po Ka Sathukkal Mutt at Vedaranyam, Sri Arunachal Gnanadesikar Swamigal, Sri Palasamy and Sankarasamy Mutt, Thiruvarur, and issued notice to him returnable by March 14.

The order was passed on Tuesday on a civil revision petition by Salem-based Sarada Niketan Samithi Trust members, including Swami Atmananda, who are also trustees of the four mutts.

Originally, Nithyananda filed a suit before the Nagapattinam subcourt seeking a declaration from it that he was the head of these mutts and Athmananda and others were non-trustees. He had also sought a relief of injunction restraining Athmananda from interfering in the administration and meddling with the properties of the mutts.

Athmananda in his petition submitted that Nithyananda had approached them and provided false assurance that he will improve the four mutts. But under the guise of making a donation of Rs 2 crore for the mutts, Nithyanananda filed a suit as if he was the administrator and tried to grab the properties by one way or other.

Stating that the suit was not maintainable and that they were the managing trustees and administrator of the above mentioned mutts, Athmananda and two others prayed before the high court to stay all further proceedings in the matter before the principal subcourt.

Source: Times of India