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Supreme Court Stayed Trial Court proceedings against Nithyananda in the 2010 rape case

Nithyananda Supreme Court rape case trial next date: 5 Dec. 2017

Nithyananda is a NORMAL ADULT and CAPABLE (Not impotent) - says Supreme Court Ordered Medical Tests; report exposes Nithy's fake claims of being 6-years old!

Updates from Courts


Trial court hears arguments on charge & discharge arguments for all accused. Next hearing in Trial Court on 21-08-17

Supreme Court directs Trial Court to continue with trial proceedings (arguments on charge) in Interim Order dated 7-11-2016.

Supreme Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (3rd Sep 2014)

High Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Quash Charge Sheet (16th Jul 2014)


17 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against whistleblower Dharmananda (lenin) by Nithyananda Cult Members!!!!

14 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against victim Aarthi Rao by Nithyananda & his Cult Members!!!! (All of them after charge sheet against Nithyananda)

3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation, Life Bliss Foundation,

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:

Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram,Trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that fraudulently obtained donations be returned


Renowned Forensic Expert Padma Bhushan Prof. Dr. P. Chandra Sekharan states "video not morphed"

Nithyananda dismissed from Madurai Adheenam (on 19th Oct 2012), Nithyananda is banned from entering Madurai Adheenam mutt

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aarthi Rao Answers how Nithyananda chetting me -? Interview


  1. I agree that Nityananda is a fraud and he is no Godman at all.

  2. There are many cases where people are brainwashed by cult leaders, so what she is saying could very well be true. It's not easy to break from a spell of a cult. Poor soul, I feel for her and pray for her.

  3. Hey your guru goes around using condoms and getting oral sex. STD doesnt transmit through that. Only a court appointed doctor can decide the outcome. Your guru produced documents dont count. He has produced several fake documents before: "I am a 6 year old", "Video is morphed", "Enlightenment Certificates" etc. All fake. Let him go through the court proceedings and let a court appointed doctor decide. Also Vinay has charged your guru with sex abuse, dont forget that.

  4. Your Salami is the liar. "I am a 6 year old". "The video is morphed". "I have sex contract with disciples", but dont have sex (or only tantra for their benefit). He has lied on his bio data. Nithy doesnt even understands the basics of truth and ethics, for sure he is not educated let alone being enlightened. Also he has been declared a fraud in USA. Nithy just reads some other's stuff and gives out some quack teachings.

  5. its a toughest work by aarthi to bring justice to the world, we should appericate her boldness, in this issue she may face lot of trouble and atlast truth will win dont worry aarthi, everything will come picture clear,

  6. She is a brave lady but I feel sorry for her

  7. His actions speak louder than words. He is no guru.

  8. Nithyananda is a fraud...a person who cannot have his pants/lungi intact, is surely going to show himself ...its just a matter of time. In the mean time, it is for people to develop a healthy sceptism of these swamis and gurus. Everyone is educated they can interpret the holy books, the way that gives them peace, you don't need quacks like Nithyananda to interpret a revered text. As it is said " Trust those who seek the truth, Doubt those who have found it"...Nithyananda is a SEX MANIAC.

  9. I like Sharparrowhead's comment " Trust those who seek the truth, Doubt those who have found it"...Very true. People who have found the truth don't talk about it. There is a saying in Tamil, Kandavar vindadillai, vindavar kandadillai, meaning, those who have seen (realized) don't express it, those who express have not seen. Arthi needs all the suppost we can give. She went through severe trauma, talking about it is more trauma, being threatened is an additional pain, and constantly being berated and doubted when she is risking her life is outrageous. GS