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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Young Girl's Mystery Death in Nithyananda Ashram - Discussion on Samaya News

Mysterious & sudden death of a 24 year old brahmacharini of the ashram has raised very serious questions and put the Nithyananda ashram in the center of a controversy once again.

It was reported that on 28th December 2014, a 24 year old girl called Sangeetha fell down in the ashram and was taken to BGS hospital, but she suffered a heart attack & died on the way to the hospital. Post mortem was conducted in Rajarajeshwari hospital and the report claims she died of heart attack. The young girl has been living in Nithyananda ashram in Bidadi for last 4 years & she had taken sanyas. How did she die suddenly of heart attack at such a young age, for no apparent reason?!

In this panel discussion, women's activist & member of Congress party Ms. Manjula Naidu and advocate Mr. Kumara Naidu have raised several very pertinent and relevant questions regarding the lapses in procedures and formalities followed by the police & hospital in handling this death case. That is raising doubts about what really might have happened.

Discussion regarding this highly suspicious death on Samaya News and the key points of the discussion are below:

Some of the key points of the discussion are:

1. When the police was informed at first about the sudden death, they have recorded it as an "UNNATURAL DEATH". But later, based on hospital post mortem report, they have closed it as a natural death due to heart attack.

2. In view of the several cases, criminal and civil, already pending against Nithyananda, the police should have conducted a thorough enquiry into the cause of death and they should have taken action under sections 174 & 176 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The police have the right to take suo moto action & enquire into the cause of death, especially since 2 other similar suspicious deaths have also been reported in the ashram earlier.

3. In this case, the police must have also immediately informed the Tahsildar or DC or other such local authorities re. this unnatural death. But no such action has been taken.

4. Post mortem was done with panchnama (5 witnesses) being Nithyananda ashram members. This is not the procedure to be followed, the panchnama witnesses must be other neutral persons.

5. The whole matter seems to have been hurriedly handled, where the body was quietly sent back to tamil nadu yesterday and it has already been buried.

6. The mother of the victim has supposedly informed the police yesterday that the girl was suffering from heart problems for the past 4 years, and that is the reason why she was sent to the ashram. However, reports from close family members confirm that the girl was normal & she did not have any heart problems as alleged. Further, the family members have disclosed that the parents were unhappy with their daughter’s stay in the ashram and about 1 month ago, the parents told Sangeetha to leave the ashram & return home.

7. There is every possibility that the family is being intimidated and pressurized to make misrepresentations. This has been seen in the 2008 case of suicide attempted by a 16 year old boy in the ashram.

Malaysia incharge & mother of the young boy has given a witness statement (part of the charge sheet in the rape case pending trial), that ashram lied to her about the reason why her son was admitted in hospital (they never revealed it was a suicide attempt). Later she came to know from her son that he suffered extreme physical & mental torture from Nithyananda & other senior members of ashram. After she found out the truth, the family was pressurized by the ashram to lie to the authorities. Fearing for their family welfare, they decided to follow ashram’s instructions. She has submitted emails from the ashram coercing her to give a statement prepared by them & thereby lie to the police about the truth behind her son’s suicide attempt.

8. Another suspicious death happened in 2008 where a Canadian called Melvyn Diamond died suddenly. In that case also BGS hospital certified that he died due to heart attack. In that case Lenin was an eye witness, he rushed him to BGS hospital in an ambulance, First the hospital refused to admit him as he was dead already. Then for 1 hour the body was in the ambulance and Nithyananda and his secretary Sadananda made several calls to the hospital administration. Finally after 1 hour the body was taken to emergency and then declared he died due to heart attack.

Nithyananda’s Canada disciple (Nithyananda Dheera) informed the family that it was a natural death, and that he attained moksha/enlightenment by dying in Nithyananda’s presence. Then they cremated the Canadian’s body. There is serious doubt about the real cause of the Canadian’s death also.

9. Another suspicious death is the one reported recently about Mr. Nickson. Nickson was a 29 year old homeopathy & siddha doctor. He was very healthy and normal. He was nithyananda’s early disciple from Tamil Nadu. In 2002 he shifted from Tamil Nadu to Bangalore. In fact, 3 days before his death he visited his family and was completely normal, not suffering from any illness of health issues.

Then suddenly, 3 days later, the family was informed to come immediately as he was very serious condition in Mahaveer Jain hospital in Bangalore. By the time they reached, they were informed he was dead.

But the most important thing is – Nithyananda and secretary sadananda informed the family sometime before 10 am that Nickson died. But the death ertificate from the Hospital shows that he was admitted alive at 10 am and died within 2 hours (around  12.30 pm) due to multiple complications such as kidney failure, septicemia, injury to brain, etc! The timing of these events clearly raises doubts about the real cause of death and possible foulplay in this mysterious & sudden eath of a young man in 2002.

10. Over all, keeping in view the several mysterious deaths and suicide attempts that have taken place in Nithyananda ashram, the police must investigate this issue. The following actions must be taken:

* The body must be sent for a re-post mortem in a govt hospital in Tamil Nadu (where it is currently buried)

* Police must take suo moto action against Nithyananda ashram, because the life & safety of several women and children is at risk.

* The govt hould take action against the offiials who have failed to do their duty properly.

So many crimes and illegal activities of Nithyananda have come to light, including running a school (Gurukul) without proper permission, land grabbing, illegal constructions, possible murder/mysterious  deaths, rape complaints, etc. Why no action has been taken against these? Is Nithyananda so influential? 

Will the Chief Minister of Karnataka wake up atleast now and take action against Nithyananda and his ashram?  Or will they wait for more lives to be sacrificed?

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  1. Well said. Problem is, this is India. Anybody can be bought and sold.