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Supreme Court DISMISSED ALL PETITIONS by Nithyananda and his Secretaries to Discharge them without a trial (June 2018)


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14 Retaliatory/false Complaints filed so far against victim Aarthi Rao by Nithyananda & his Cult Members!!!! (All of them after charge sheet against Nithyananda)

3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation, Life Bliss Foundation,

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:

Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram,Trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that fraudulently obtained donations be returned


Renowned Forensic Expert Padma Bhushan Prof. Dr. P. Chandra Sekharan states "video not morphed"

Nithyananda dismissed from Madurai Adheenam (on 19th Oct 2012), Nithyananda is banned from entering Madurai Adheenam mutt

Friday, November 28, 2014

Nithyananda is potent: Medical Report NEWS9:

Is Nityananda potent enough to perform sexual activity? Or is he like a 6-yr-old boy who is innocent and can’t engage in sexual activities? 

These were the questions that many across the state wanted answers to. Today, the CID sleuths submitted a report that clearly states what Nithyananda would find harsh to listen to! 

The doctors did not find any reason to believe that Nithyananda is impotent or incapable

So this issue has been put to rest finally as the board of doctors who conducted the tests have unanimously given their OPINION AGAINST NITHYANANDA. 

This clearly proved that NITHYANANDA IS A NORMAL MAN, and NOT LIKE A 6-YEAR OLD as he has been claiming and fooling the public.

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  1. Hi, fyi... just received this report from somebody in India:
    Another Mysterious Death at a Nithyananda Ashram
    A 24-year-old brahmacharini of Nithyananda ashram has died suddenly and mysteriously in his Bidadi ashram yesterday, December 29, 2014.
    • The young girl’s name is Sangeetha, father’s name Arjunan, mother’s name Jhansi.
    • The girl was living in Nithyananda’s Bidadi ashram last 4 years. She had taken sanyas and became brahmacharini of the ashram. Her parents live in Mela Theru, Navalur Kottapattu, Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
    • Nithyananda Ashram people say she fell down yesterday night around 8 pm and she was taken to hospital, but she died of heart attack on the way to Raja Rajeshwari hospital in Kengeri (near Bidadi). Hospital has also informed the police that she died of heart attack.
    • Meanwhile, the girl’s parents were informed last night that she is in very serious condition and is admitted to hospital. When they were on the way, and near Bangalore, the ashram informed her parents that she died.
    • According to reports, Rajarajeshwari hospital has conducted the postmortem and body has been returned to Trichy with her parents.
    • But the real reason of her death is not clear. It is extremely unusual for a 24 year old girl to die of heart attack suddenly. These incidents are strikingly similar to 2 other mysterious deaths that have happened under Nithyananda.
    • Suspicious death of Mr. Nickson in 2002, and death of Canadian Mr. Melvyn Diamond in December 2008 were both covered up similarly.
    • In the case of Nickson, he was a healthy 29-year-old Siddha & Homeopathy doctor.
    • He had visted his family in Tamil Nadu few days before his sudden death, and even shifted all the things in a lorry to Bangalore.
    • Suddenly, his family was informed he is very serious & admitted to Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain Hospital.
    • According to the Hospital death certificate, he died within hours of admission. But according to the witness Swami Jayaramananda, Nithyananda and his secretary Sadananda informed him that Nickson had died even before admitting him to the hospital.
    • Nithyananda &Sadananda insisted that the family should cremate the body & not bury. Nickson's brother Ambrose has filed a complaint with Karnataka police to investigate this suspicious death.
    • In the case of Melvyn Diamond, he was a yoga instructor, attending 21-day Inner Awakening program in Nithyananda ashram in December 2008. Suddenly one day he was found fallen on the ground in front of the apartment (his room was in 3rd floor). Lenin took him to hospital in an ambulance, he was declared dead on arrival. Later BGS hospital admitted him and gave a death certificate that he died of heart attack. Then he was kept in Raja Rajeshwari hospital for a week and later cremated in Bidadi ashram itself!
    • 2 other suicide attempts also took place in the ashram in 2008-2009.
    Many such incidents reveal that something strange could be going on in the ashram. The police and government should investigate this thoroughly and expose the truth about Nithyananda ashram.